Reward offered: Dogs being killed and tortured in Vermont

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A $1,000 reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible in Franklin County, Vermont where at least a half-dozen dogs in the area have been found tortured and killed. The killings have involved six-dogs across neighborhoods since the beginning of May.

According to NbcLive some of the dogs had plastic bags tied over their heads and were then tossed aside to the edge of the road. Another dog had been shot dead and left tied to a tree just steps off a popular hiking trail. Vermont State Police have launched an investigation, however there has been no comment as whether the attacks are related.

Reports have been made concerning the sighting of a silver sedan and a gold SUV trying to tempt animals into their vehicles.

Intentional acts of animal cruelty have been proven to have a direct correlation with other crimes associated with violence against humans.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Vermont State Police at 802.524.5993.

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