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Review: PetWeighter dog bowl that ‘sits and stays’

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Recently, I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing a new pet bowl that is weighted to help it stay in place when a dog eats or drinks. The product is called the PetWeighter and the offer to give it a try came at a particularly good time for our family, who is learning to live with a partially paralyzed dog.

I was eager to give the weighted bowl a try because Chesney, our 8-year-old German shepherd, struggles at meal time because her bowl slides out of her reach when she eats.

The PetWeighter bowl arrived a few days ago and it couldn’t be easier to use – simply remove the screw on cap from the base and add water and/or sand to give the bowl weight. Secure the cap once again and use the removable top portion to provide your pup with water or food.

The bowl was designed by a resourceful dog owner who struggled to keep enough water available for his Schnauzer, Charlie, who had diabetes.  The clever design prevented Charlie from knocking over the bowl and ensured that he had access to water throughout the day.

The PetWeighter’s designed worked like a charm for Chesney – for the first time since mid-December, I did not have to hold her bowl while she ate. An added bonus – her physical therapist wanted her to have a raised dish to encourage her to stand (to help build muscle) when she eats. Chesney sometimes sits up with the PetWeighter, and at other times, she is able to get her weak legs beneath her to stand and eat…and the bowl doesn’t move.

Rob Peacock, owner of Peak Pet Products Ltd, said,

“PetWeighter is a bowl that really sits and stays! Creating an immovable pet feeding and watering zone, it simply cannot be budged, no matter how hard a dog tries. We designed it to make water and dinner spills a thing of the past, so it’s a treat for the pet owner, too – saving wastage, mess and cleaning up time. What’s more, our faithful friends no longer have to chase their bowl to enjoy their food or drink.”

The PetWeighter is perfect for our differently-abled dog. If you are interested in finding one for your own pup, you can click here to locate the product on Amazon. The weighted bowl retails for $29.99.

Learn more about the PetWeighter here.

(Image of Chesney using her PetWeighter bowl)

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  1. susispot says:

    Great to see Chesney using her new bowl. My dogs are bowl chasers and I am going to check the bowls out. Still keeping precious Chesney in my prayers. And her wonderful family, too.


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