Residents outraged as trees are covered to prevent bird nesting

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Trees at Sears Retail Park in Solihull, United Kingdom, have been covered in bizarre netting to prevent bird nesting. Local residents and animal advocates have called the action “abhorrent and sickening.”

According to the Solihull Observer, at least four large trees had been covered in the expansive green nets. The councillor of the retail park stated they have since been “reviewing” an earlier decision to chop down the trees as the outrage of the act continues to gain attention from area residents.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act prevents trees with birds nesting to be chopped down. It wasn’t long before political Green Party Councillor Tim Hodgson started tweeting that they agreed this action was cruel, and they were doing what they could to stop the netting situation.

“The nets are to prevent nesting but this is cruel and shouldn’t be happening. The retail park said they wanted to chop them down to carry out a ‘refurbishment’ but are no reviewing things after the backlash from the community,” Hodgson stated.

Residents took to Twitter to air their anger.

“Abhorrent – an appalling image beyond science fiction. The oppression of nature – for what ends,” a resident commented.

The months of March through August are the main breeding season for nesting birds. Why anyone would want to do this is puzzling and frankly cruel. What could be more enjoyable  than listening to the birds singing, tweeting and raising their young?

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