U.S. ban on dog imports

Rescuers devastated – U.S. bans dog imports from Egypt

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Dog rescuers who worked to give street dogs from Egypt a new life in the United States are devastated by a recent ban put into place by the U.S. As reported by ABC News, multiple cases of rabies in the imported dogs led to the temporary suspension of importing the dogs who were destined for a new life in the States.

Ahmed Al Shurbaji, founder of HOPE-Egyptian Baladi Rescue & Rehabilitation told the news agency:

“This decision has completely paralyzed us.”

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) refers to the importation of Egyptian dogs as “illegal puppy importation.” In a statement, CDC said:

The motives behind illegal puppy importation are not immediately obvious. However, a closer look reveals a big business driven by profit at the expense of the health and welfare of the underage puppies. Importers aim to get around these regulations, because customers demand puppies as young as 8-weeks. Profits decline by the thousands with each month a puppy ages. The puppy-loving public creating the demand is part of the problem.

The CDC states:

This includes dogs originating in Egypt that are imported from
third-party countries if the dogs have been present in
those countries for less than six months. CDC is taking
this action in response to an increase of imported cases of
rabies in dogs from Egypt. This action is needed to prevent
the reintroduction of canine rabies virus variant (CRVV),
which has been eliminated from the United States. This
suspension will remain in place until appropriate

The fate of the Egyptian street dogs is not promising…these unwanted dogs are often subjected to horrific abuse, including being stoned, hit with sticks, and poisoned. Until the U.S. ban is lifted, there is little hope that things will improve for the strays of Egypt.

(Image via Pixabay)

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  1. Gens says:

    How stupid, vaccinate the dogs put them on hold for the 14 day period and then move them to the UNITED STATES!! What is the problem???Likely there is more to this story.


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