Rescuers ask ‘do not judge’ but to read about dog named Pelusa

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Meet Pelusa; a friendly Labrador retriever who has been walking around a South Texas neighborhood with a huge tumor hanging from her belly. Her story is compelling although not that unusual, however this time Rescue Dogs Rock NYC offered their help to save a dog’s life.

“She was seen by a few of our volunteers on the ground in South Texas last week, roaming the streets with this HUGE tumor the size of a melon hanging down from her belly. We immediately wanted to help, as no dog should be permitted to exist in this condition.”

Animal advocates in the area started searching for Pelusa’s owner, and it wasn’t long before they were found. Rescuers asked if they would relinquish their dog into the care of the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC in order for her to receive the urgent medical care she needed, however the family refused to surrender her, stating Pelusa was an important part of their family.

“They could not afford the surgery,”  Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue posted on the group’s Facebook page. “Knowing this information and the condition of Pelusa, we could NOT walk away and just do nothing.”

Pelusa received the surgery she so desperately needs and will be returned to her owners.

“Please don’t judge the situation; look beyond and focus on Pelusa and the care she needed. Her surgery cost $700, the bill is below. We hope you will support Pelusa and the surgery she needed… She pulled through surgery and is still at our vet partner recovering.”

Please HELP

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I don’t judge these people, I know how much surgeries cost for our pets. $700 is cheap compared to the $3000 we paid to try to remove a tumor from my Beagle’s liver (and then it couldn’t be removed) we don’t know how much longer we have with her. There needs to be organizations that can help people or veterinarians willing to take payments so people can keep their loved pets and don’t have to relinquish the pet just to save it’s life or just sit back and watch the tumor get larger and know you pet is dying. Not all of us can come up with the money for expensive surgeries for our pets at the drop of a hat. I am lucky I had a credit card I could max out so our Beagle was able to get the surgery. It is getting to the point unless you are rich you cannot afford the love of a pet and many loved pets don’t get the necessary treatments because of it. I know the economy is supposed to be so great right now, but I know too many people living pay check to pay check and heaven forbid an emergency crops up. How sad it is that a beloved pet is becoming a luxury that you should forgo should you not be wealthy.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    I sincerely wish more people knew about the incredible work of the heroes at Rescue Dog Rock! They OFTEN rescue dogs that no one else will!


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