Rescuer just couldn’t turn a blind eye to suffering Great Dane

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In South Los Angeles, the owners of a seven-year-old Great Dane moved out of the country and left the dog with a family who did not have the money for his veterinary care. They had intended to keep Oddis as a backyard dog, but his health issues had prompted the family to ask that the dog be euthanized.

“… it brought me to tears. The owner moved out of the country and the people he left the dog with tried to get him vet care but they only gave him a steroid and a cone on his head that was making the wound open up even bigger. I think they were left with a dog that they just could not take care of and decided they were going to just euthanize him and that’s when I stepped in hoping you can give this boy a second chance,” posted animal advocate and rescuer for Kimberly’s Strays, Kimberly Saxelby.

As social media posts expanded and the heartbreaking photos of the dog were shared, transportation to the veterinarian hospital was secured;  Oddis was on his way for life-saving emergency help. His images brought tears to everyone’s eyes, and no one knew how long the dog had been suffering.

On Monday afternoon, Oddis arrived at Rancho West Animal Hospital and was in so much pain, his body was shaking, however the gentle giant was so loving – despite his discomfort still wagged his tail in appreciation as rescuers soothed him.

“Three of his feet are severely swollen and bleeding as you can see his left front leg is twice the size as of his other leg and has a big open bleeding wound. He has some kind of infection in his eyes and skin condition under his chin and neck area and ears. He has masses in numerous places of his body that could or could not be cancerous,” Kimberly added.

An estimate for Oddis’ medical care can be seen here:


One Dane at a Time has stepped up to help Otis. An update on his condition stated:

“…Otis is on antibiotics and pain medication and, once the inflammation has subsided a bit, we will be taking him back to the vet and attempting to get to the bottom of his condition, autoimmune diseases will definitely be considered. All but one of his paws is inflamed and bleeding, his front left leg is in terrible condition and swollen to 3X the size of a normal leg. Despite all this, Otis is a sweet and loving boy, giving kisses of thanks and being a good and well behaved boy.”

Donations to One Dane at a Time for Oddis’ recovery can be made by clicking here.

Updates to follow.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    I hope and pray to learn how to become this forgiving–but I am “nowhere” close.

    Many many thanks to Kimberly for giving Oddis the second (and third, and fourth and fifth) chances he deserves. Please please help this rescue
    organization with this sweetheart’s medical bills.


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