Rescue group promises to give dying dog the best that they can

Rescue vows to give horribly neglected dog the best life, even if doesn’t have long to live

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A Georgia rescue group is vowing to give a badly neglected dog the very best that life has to offer…even if it is only for a short period of time. Two Tailz Rescue recently saved a horribly neglected dog named Tony. Tony has a huge, ruptured tumor on his abdomen and he was on death row at an animal control agency before the rescue agency pulled him to safety.

Tony’s dismal condition shocked his rescuers and his prognosis is grim. On Thursday the agency shared the latest veterinary information:

Today Tony spent much of his day at a specialist vet which included surgical and oncologist specialists. Tony has metastatic cancer. X-rays show it has not spread to his lungs. However….an abdominal ultrasound showed it has spread. 💔

Unfortunately surgery is not an option for Tony – however, the rescue agency has decided to try and give him the gift of time by starting chemotherapy. The agency writes:

We are going to try 2-3 chemo treatments with prednisone to see if we can shrink Tony’s tumor(s). If it works, we will continue. If it does not we will stop.
Tony is on antibiotic, pain meds, prednisone, anti-nausea, and antacid medicines. He also gets his tumor cleaned with saline 3x per day. With chemo treatment, he could live 6-9 mos

The promise

The rescue group has made a promise to the dog who has suffered far too much in his life, writing:

We want to give him the best life we can as long as we can, but we will not compromise his quality of life.

Tony may not have long, but he is in the care of people who want to give him every possible happiness in the time that he does have. After the horrible neglect that Tony has endured, he must be in Heaven as he receives love and care for the first time, in perhaps, ever.

Visit Two Tailz Rescue on Facebook here.

If you are able to help, you can donate to help Tony at: https;//

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