Rescue me! Dog lived in the woods for 2 years and is very scared

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For two years Max lived in the woods in the area of Tampa, Florida. The owner who surrendered Max to the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center stated he gained the dog’s trust over time with food. Eventually the dog became more social after the owner added a puppy to the family.

“Max started coming closer to the house and eventually started coming into the house every so often,” the owner explained. “He slowly started allowing him and his wife to pet him. Max initially got along with the Rottweiler puppy.”

Unfortunately, Max went after the pup and subsequently was surrendered to the shelter in mid-August.

Rescue me!

“Listed as a 2 year old Gray and White Staffie Mix, he weighs 68lbs. He is scared of all people, he is partially housebroken but grew up outside. He dislikes other dogs, has never been leash trained or taught any basic commands…”

Check out his video:

MAX A2008056 See Main Link

Posted by Rescue Me Tampa – Shelter Dogs on Thursday, September 26, 2019

Max has become a “project” dog which means the staff have been working with him. When initially approached, Max was extremely nervous and would not accept any treats. When petted, he would flinch, but after awhile seemed to enjoy the attention – especially scratches behind his ears.

Days later, Max was still nervous, but didn’t flinch when petted, but he still didn’t want to move.

On September 12, [four days later] Max allowed a volunteer to carry his out to the yard. He was very nervous when a staff member tried to put a collar on him – perhaps he had never worn one before?  Days later, Max was still very scared of the shelter environment and shook all over when he was moved to a new shelter cage. He showed no aggression.

Volunteers and staff continued to work with him.

“Behavior 09/22/19 When staff went into Max’s kennel today he was much less nervous. He did not try to back up at all when staff sat down next to him and after only a couple minutes he ate the entire bowl of wet food that the staff member had brought in. He rested his face in the staff member’s hands and was licking her hands. When staff got up to leave, Max got up out his bed and walked to the front of the kennel to see she was going…”

Follow and read Max’s behavioral notes here.

If you are interested in fostering, please read about Fostering on our Info page,
RESCUE INFO: To place a rescue hold or to become an HCAS Rescue Partner, please email

Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center – Hillsborough County Animal Control
440 N. Falkenburg Road
Tampa, FL 33619 CLOSED MONDAY open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-7pm.

“This is a tax payer funded kill shelter. All LIVES should be considered in danger. This shelter has been known to violate Florida law and withhold PUBLIC RECORDS from those (us) who tell the truth about what really goes on in this shelter. So If you are interested in an animal, EMAIL RIGHT AWAY AND ASK FOR *ALL* INFORMATION ON THIS ANIMAL to and We do our best to post as much info as possible, but Director Trebatoski has removed considerable information from the agreed upon reports, and they have illegally delayed and refused our requests for the records on these dogs.”

Share Max’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

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