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Refuge takes in dozens of neglected animals from one property

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An animal refuge in Florida is bursting at the seams after taking in dozens of neglected animals from one property. Earlier this week, the Alaqua Animal Refuge alerted Facebook followers to the intake of 85 neglected animals from a single property in Washington County.

According to the animal welfare agency, there were so many tiny kittens on the property that it was difficult to avoid stepping on them.

Dozens of dogs were found living in outside pens with only barrels and garbage cans for shelter. Gail Hasan, Alaqua’s shelter manager, described the heartbreaking scene:

There were tiny kittens all over the yard so we had to be careful walking around. You could barely walk without stepping on a kitten and some of them were passing away even as we were trying to pick them up.

The intake puts a strain on the shelter, but the animals need help, so help has been provided. Alaqua Founder Laurie Hood stated:

“When we see animals living in these grim conditions, we have to help them. We have to act. There is not another choice. We are the choice. We can heal them and give them a second chance at a loving life.”

The owner of these animals surrendered them to the refuge – after they are medically cleared, they will be made available for adoption. Find the Alaqua Animal Refuge on Facebook here.

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Mother and pup reunited! So sweet.

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