Rare finless porpoise seemed to cry real tears at Chinese meat market

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In southern China, a rare finless porpoise seemed to be crying real tears at an outdoor market as it was being prepared for sale for its meat. According to the Chinese run People’s Daily, the porpoise was found in the county of Xuwen in southern China’s Guangdong Province.

“We saw a person bringing it to market and many people to look. It was crying throughout the process,” one observer wrote after viewing the heartbreaking video.

Finless porpoises are a critically endangered species, and it is illegal to buy or sell them in China. Fortunately for this porpoise, eyewitnesses Cheng Mingyue and Cheng Jianzhuang originally thought the animal was a dolphin and wanted to save it. The porpoise weighed 110 pounds and measured 5ft 7in long. The men reported the porpoise to authorities. It is believed there are only 200 left along the coast of eastern and southern China; they are rarer than pandas.

According to SeaVoice News, the two men purchased the porpoise from the merchant and brought it back to the ocean. At first, the animal couldn’t swim – possibly due to damage to his tail, but as his rescuers brought him into deeper waters, he appreciatively swam away after two hours and disappeared.

Porpoises have shorter snouts, smaller mouths, less curved dorsal fins and shorter, chubbier bodies than dolphins.  The finless porpoises do not have a dorsal fin, but instead have dorsal “grooves.”

A petition urges people to insist the Chinese government investigate the situation. At the very least, two compassionate humans saved this animal’s life. The government should make sure it doesn’t happen again. Thus far, more than 200,000 people have signed the petition.


(Photos via screenshots Pear video and Care2 Petition site)

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