No success for puppy with heart defect

Quest to repair puppy’s heart did not go as planned

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A veterinarian’s quest to repair a puppy’s “broken heart” did not go as planned today. Logan, a German shepherd puppy who was born with a deadly heart defect, traveled to Colorado to undergo surgery intended to repair his defect, but the surgery was not a success.

Rescued Hearts Northwest broke the news to worried Facebook followers on Thursday afternoon:

Logan is currently in recovery and doing well. His surgery however did not go as well as we all had hoped. Dr Scansen found yet another abnormality in Logan’s heart and after 4 hours of trying he was not able to get the cathator/balloon in place to fix the defective valve.

Not all is lost

Despite the bad news, not all is lost. The rescue agency stated:

While this is disappointing for all of us including the wonderful staff at CSU there is still hope for Logan. This surgery to repair the pulmonary valve was just going to buy Logan some time until he can have the second surgery which is the open heart surgery. So now our job is to help Logan grow! He needs to get to 6 months so we can return to CSU for his second surgery. We are not giving up on Logan.

Logan managed to steal hearts at the university where the surgery took place. Until the next surgery can happen, he will continue loving, and being loved – and enjoy being a puppy.

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