Missing puppy found hanging behind family's home

‘Pure evil:’ Family’s missing puppy found hanging behind home

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A family in Monte Ne, Arkansas, is struggling to make sense of an act of “pure evil” which claimed the life of their puppy, Chevy. According to multiple sources, the 10-month-old pup disappeared from the McNeil’s yard on April 16. The family searched the area and the shelters but Chevy was nowhere to be found.

Desperate to find the missing pup, Paula McNeil’s children searched the woods behind their home one more time two days after Chevy’s disappearance…they made a heartbreaking and disturbing discovery. Someone had hanged Chevy with a noose in the woods – the kids are devastated and Paula is worried about the mentality of someone capable of such cruelty. She told Fox 6 News:

Think about it as if it was your dog and if it was your children that are traumatized and horrified, afraid for our other animals as well. We have five cats that live outside,

The cruelty case is being investigated by the Benton County Sheriff’s Office – the person responsible could face felony animal cruelty charges.

(Screenshot of Chevy via Fox News)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    “Could face felony animal cruelty charges”? There is NO “could” about it! If they find the POS that did this then he should face the same consequences as the dog he hung! I will keep this family in my prayers, seeing your pet hanged like this is nothing a child should ever have to deal with!


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