Puppy waited for his mother to wake up after hit by truck

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There was no help in Perris, California on Sunday afternoon, as a loyal puppy waited for his mother to wake up after she had been hit by a truck that never bothered to stop. The puppy heard his mother cry out as the light in her eyes flickered out.

Two dogs that had more than likely been abandoned and in an industrial area with miles and miles of empty fields, no one cared to even stop.

“Why doesn’t she wake up?,” it seemed as if the puppy asked over and over again while sticking close to the lifeless body of his mother. “I’ll stay by your side mama. I won’t leave you! I know you will wake up,” he thought as he gently nudged the fallen dog with his paw.

Hundreds of cars and trucks passed by the emotional scene, yet no one stopped until a Good Samaritan saw them and contacted Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue.

“We could only save one heartbroken boy,” explained Faith Easdale.

As rescuers hurried to save the frightened and heartbroken puppy, he just sat there quietly. How could a puppy understand the concept of death? The dog was so scared and wouldn’t leave his dead mother; he had been too afraid to approach the people  trying to save his life. A humane trap was set up, burgers were waiting and finally he made his way into the crate.

“But for this boy we pray for his heart to heal, for his future to be filled with love.”

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Oh my, the sweetness!


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  1. Luana Duncan says:

    OMG?! Poor baby pup, waiting 4 his mommy!! And poor mommy!! I cannot believe the person who hit her did not stop and help! She might have even been saved!! Thank u 2 whomever came and called 4 help! I pray this prescious pup will find a good 4 ever home!

  2. Jeanette Fossum says:

    what the hell is wrong with people that they won’t even stop to make a call to the closest shelter. there are quite a few hard hearted people in this world.


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