Puppy seriously injured after someone placed a rubber band around her muzzle

Rubber band placed around puppy's muzzle
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A puppy suffered serious injuries after someone placed a rubber band around her muzzle and it became embedded. The pup was turned into a veterinary hospital in Orcutt. On Thursday, the Santa Barbara County Animal Service agency wrote:

This sweet puppy was brought into PETS Hospital with what appeared to be a deep laceration to her muzzle. After pain meds were on board they were able to examine her and realized that her muzzle had a rubber band embedded into it. The person who brought her in, a woman, stated she found the dog in Lompoc somewhere but couldn’t be specific and provided all fake information.

Now the animal welfare agency is seeking help from the public to find out who is responsible for this puppy’s injuries.  The agency wrote:

If you recognize this puppy or have any information that can assist with this investigation please contact our shelter at 805-934-6119×7. This is animal cruelty and NOT acceptable!

The pup, dubbed Koa, needs extensive care to recuperate from this abuse. Animal Services wrote:

Our sweet little puppy, who we have named Koa, underwent the first of possibly several surgeries with Dr. Tina Taylor at Buellton Veterinary Clinic. Today her wound was properly cleaned and sutures were put in place. In addition her tail, which appeared to be a home done tail cropping, was repaired as it was very painful for her.

Donations for this puppy’s ongoing care can be made here.

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