Puppy miraculously survived being hit by a train

Puppy miraculously survived train strike
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A puppy in Hamilton, Ohio, miraculously survived being hit by a train. Sadly, the pup, dubbed Trooper, did sustain horrible injuries. On March 13, Animal Friends Humane Society described the puppy’s injuries:

Today we received a 3 month old puppy that was hit by a train in Hamilton – both rear legs and tail have been severed, and his left eye is ruptured. He is at an emergency vet clinic receiving the best possible care.

Dr. Marlo Perich, with the Care Center commented on the pup’s miraculous survival to Valley News Live:

“It is very surprising, especially being such a little dog, that he survived what he’s been through so far. He’s really, really lucky for not bleeding out.”

And commented on the puppy’s resiliency:

“He’s giving kisses and really excited about his food and everything. He’s probably going to be a really good dog.”

On Friday, the animal welfare agency updated Facebook followers about Trooper’s surgery:

Trooper went into surgery earlier this evening and they just finished up with him. Everything went well!! He is still recovering, so we won’t have any photos to post tonight, but we will be sure to update everyone in the morning and post updated pics then. THANK YOU to everyone who thought of him today and sent thoughts and prayers.

Donations for Trooper’s ongoing care can be made at this link to the shelter’s website.

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