Trainer charged after puppy died following treadmill session

Puppy died after trainer forced him to run on treadmill

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A dog trainer is facing charges following the death of a puppy who died after being forced to run on a treadmill. According to KMOV News, 23-year-old Capri Teague was working with Mandy Jackson’s eight-month-old goldendoodle, Cash.

According to Jackson, Cash hated the treadmill and was pulling to get off, but the trainer forced him to keep going. Jackson and her son were watching the session and could see their pup struggling, but Teague allegedly made him stay on the machine. Finally, the pup collapsed and defecated on the treadmill – Jackson told the news agency:

I immediately stood up and I was like Capri he’s pooping on the floor and she said ‘I don’t care’ and yanking him, and at that point she’d already dragged him through his poop,”

Two days after the session, Cash struggled to breathe – he ultimately had to be euthanized at a veterinary office. It was determined that he had suffered “severe” pulmonary edema from being pulled on the treadmill. The trainer who allegedly harmed him is facing one count of misdemeanor animal abuse. According to Jackson, the trainer has not showed any remorse about what happened.

(Screenshot via KMOV news)

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6 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I’d be suing the pants off that trainer. The trainer killed the dog! I don’t understand what kind of training method it is to force a puppy to run on a treadmill until it collapses!

  2. Larry says:

    Why the this CRIME a misdemeanor? This seems to me to qualify as a felony offense. This person should never be allowed to be around animals for life. As for suing this idiot, if it were my dog, a lawsuit would be the least of this SOB’s worries.

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    Should be a FELONY! In any case, the trainer needs to be LOCKED UP IN AN INSTITUTION FOR THE CRIMINALLY INSANE!


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