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Puppy barely survived brutal beating by ‘serial puppy killer’

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A puppy barely survived a brutal beating by a man described as a “serial puppy killer.” On Wednesday, the Nassau County SPCA posted photos of the miracle survivor and wrote:

It’s difficult to imagine someone could harm such a sweet little dog, but her owner did just that, beating and choking her, leaving her with several broken ribs, her forearm broken in two places and a pulmonary contusion.
It’s a miracle this little girl is alive and recovering.

The man accused of the heinous crime is identified as 29-year-old Ellie Knoller. His wife, 30-year-old Jessica Kuncman Knoller, is facing charges for not doing anything to help the puppy who was horribly injured.

puppy killer

According to CBS New York, the surviving pup is not Knoller’s only victim – he allegedly killed two other puppies, in an equally brutal manner, in a short period of time. All of the puppies were brutally attacked within days of when they were acquired – the two puppies who died suffered catastrophic injuries including blunt force trauma which led to internal bleeding and cardiac and respiratory arrest.

District attorney Madeline Singas said:

In my 28 years as a prosecutor, I’ve never seen a case where someone committed this kind of serial violence against different puppies.

The couple has already been released from custody – they are prohibited from keeping or caring for animals while the case is being handled.

(Nassau County SPCA photo)

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3 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Pure Evil: BOTH of these POSs are absolutely disgusting…… no ?, they will both burn in Hell forever for their cruelty…… Definitely should NOT be anywhere near people or animals……. shows NO remorse, no pity or compassion…….. a “true sociopath”…….. he will “graduate” to people (& that’s VERY scary)……. & even more scary is his wife who just goes along with the cruelty (she needs psychiatric counseling BIG TIME)…….
    I am glad that one precious little treasure was saved and I hope will heal ASAP and be rehomed into a loving family who will treat her as a beloved family member.
    Justice is needed for those puppies (& others) he has harmed (& truly, we don’t know how many others he has actually harmed)…….
    Precious treasures your lives were stolen from you (& your lives mattered). You absolutely did NOT deserve to be treated so cruelly…… I am absolutely heartbroken for your trauma & death.
    Makes me sick inside to think of these precious furbabies suffering……
    Precious treasures please look for MacKitty in Heaven and he will welcome you into his snuggle buddies group. You can RIP amongst his loving friends……..


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