Abandoned puppy dumped on side of road

Puppy abandoned with trash – left alone for days in the cold

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On the side of the road in Turley, Oklahoma, dumped with unwanted trash, a puppy was abandoned in the cold. Fortunately, the black pup was discovered by a compassionate man who plucked her from the discarded rubble and warmed her from the cold.

Jason Turley had initially stopped to pick up the garbage which was tossed out not far from a “no dumping” sign on Cincinnati Street – he was shocked when he found a shivering puppy curled up inside, reported KTXS News. Turley told the news agency, “I didn’t expect to see her just thought it was Styrofoam inside of a box.”

An ongoing problem

This puppy was fortunate – though someone abandoned her, she was still alive and found before the unthinkable happened. Other dogs have met with a heartbreaking end. Turley said that he has found dead dogs in trash bags…apparent victims of dog fighting.

But this puppy is safe – and she has a new home, safe and sound with the man who found her in the trash.

(screenshot via KTXS News)

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    WTG!!! Delighted to learn this precious little treasure was saved AND has a new home???

    Hope the POSs who abandoned this precious little treasure suffer for the rest of their miserable lives, die horrible deaths and burn in Hell forever for their cruelty…..


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