Puppies whimpered in pain after left tied to fence with wire

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In a heartless act of cruelty on Wednesday, two puppies whimpered in pain outside of a rescue organization in Jackson, Mississippi, after they were tied to a fence with sharp wire and then abandoned.

According to the Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi, the puppies were found by Pippa Jackson, who stated the puppies had been whimpering in pain and fear.

“I hate people. And one will need immediate vet care because the assholes tied them with wire. It is a holiday, all vets are full with boarding, and we owe all our vets tons. Looks like they tied them to our gate at 9:18 last night and a police officer drove by while they were doing it.”

The officer did not stop as could be seen on surveillance video.

“Anything could have happened to them. They could have choked to death. The dog could have cut his leg off and bled out,” Jackson wrote on the organization’s Facebook page.

The puppies were immediately given emergency care and both are reported to being doing better.

“The pups are heartworm negative! Yea! The injured dog will keep his leg, is on antibiotics and regular cleaning and bandages change. Both are very sweet.”

Get well soon little ones.

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