Public outrage over plans to kill stray dogs

Public outraged over officials’ plans to destroy all free roaming dogs

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Officials in the Northern Village of La Loche, Saskatchewan, were hit by the wrath of an outraged public after it was announced that all free roaming dogs would be killed beginning July 23. On July 17, the Northern Village of La Loche warned area residents to keep their dogs secured to avoid them being accidentally destroyed.

Residents were told that they would have a two hour window to “buy back” their pet if it was picked up by one of the control officers.

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Shortly after the directive and warnings were issued, the Mayor Robert St. Pierre addressed concerns from area residents:

We appreciate your suggestions, but also ask for understanding that we too do not like the plan, but feel conflicted about the safety of our citizens. We do not want someone injured or even killed by dogs (this has happened in other northern communities).

And stated that the immediate plans to destroy free roaming dogs has been cancelled:

Please be assured though that we have heard you and council is giving this matter further consideration; therefore, we have cancelled our plan for July 23rd. We are also hearing from dog owners who allow their pets to roam and we ask you to consider the fact that La Loche has a very high number of dog bites annually; so many in fact, that the Health Authorities have raised it as a concern of theirs as our numbers stand out provincially.

The mayor advised residents that the problem could be remedied if only pet owners would keep their dogs secured, saying:

We also want to remind you that we would not have to discuss dog control if pet owners would either leash their dogs or keep them in fenced yards. The solution is that simple and this debate has gone on for decades in our community; when do we, the people of La Loche, consider the safety of all? Should we continue to allow dogs to roam and at times act aggressively when we have more than 2500 people that they share a community with. Leaving your dog while you travel and not ensuring it is being cared for is neglect; what do we do about that?

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