Public fell in love with cow who escaped slaughterhouse – but then police killed him

Police shot cow who escaped slaughterhouse
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Days ago, a cow who somehow escaped from a slaughterhouse in Carlisle, Cumbria, because a star of social media as the charmed public rooted for him to find continued freedom. Video of the serene cow, standing on a grassy strip of land between two roadways, began circulating on Twitter, and people began Tweeting various statements calling for him to be allowed to live.

One person Tweeted:

Let it live and be loved 💕

And another:

Ok we’re gonna need the locals to come and form a guard of protection around that cow and move it to safety

But a happily-ever-after was not in the cards for the runaway cow…the police determined that he was “distressed” and posed a threat to the public, reports the Mirror U.K. The news agency quotes a police spokesperson,

“The cow, which was in a highly distressed state, was destroyed by armed officers following concerns for the public and motorists. “Efforts were made to resolve the situation safely, however, given the potential danger and the increased stress on the animal a decision was taken to conclude the incident as quickly and humanely as possible.”

The cow tasted sweet freedom for just over two hours.

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  1. Why does it seem like police everywhere instead of solving the situation differently they want to kill it are you trying to tell me that that’s the only way this situation could be resolved I had to kill it it’s really sad I guess people just didn’t wanna take the time to solve it in a non-violent way


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