Pregnant dog found giving birth to puppies on the side of a road

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A pregnant dog was discovered giving birth to a litter of puppies on the side of the road on Friday in Lancaster County. Good Samaritans came to the mother dog’s rescue and called the police. The white Boxer had already delivered four puppies.

“She was found in Mountville near Field of Screams giving birth on the side of the road. Having already birthed 4 puppies, she was quickly corralled with the help of the officer and brought to the Pet Pantry, whose Medical Director was waiting to check her and the puppies out and provide them with a warm safe place for the evening,” Bryan Langlois posted on his Facebook page.

A West Hempfield Township police officer rushed the mother dog and her puppies to Bryan Langlois, the co-founder and medical director of the Pet Pantry of Lancaster. On the way to the veterinarian, the dog delivered another puppy in the squad car.

When she arrived at the shelter, the dog gave birth to four more puppies; one was stillborn and a second puppy did not survive the night.

“She decided 4 pups was just not enough and so she gave birth to a 5th in the cop car on the ride over, and then 4 more while at the Pantry last night. Sadly, one was born stillborn and another passed away overnight, but the other 7 did just fine and mom was a champ taking care of them right from the start. She came with only a collar on and no tags or microchip on.”

The dog has been described as very sweet and is doing well as are her puppies. She is too thin and came in covered in fleas. She will be placed in the foster care program for the next few months as her babies develop.

If anyone wants to donate to the Pet Pantry to help provide the supportive care this new family will need, you can do so through our “Adley’s Animal Rescue Fund” by clicking here:…/68629-adley-s-anim…

(Photos via Bryan Langlois FB)

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    OMG…… can’t believe how cruel someone was to abandon a heavily pregnant dog by the side of the road…… It was absolutely fantastic and a miracle that this Mommy and her babies were rescued!!!

    I am sorry for the loss of two precious little treasures but sadly, these precious little treasures might have passed away under the “best of circumstances”……..

    Whoever abandoned this Mommy dog (& mistreated her previously) has a reserved space in Hell waiting for them where they will burn forever for their cruelty.

    I hope that Mommy dog and her babies are all rehomed into loving furever homes where they will be treated as beloved family members.

    Two precious little treasures, please look for MacKitty in Heaven and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends……


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