Postal worker caught on camera using pepper spray on dogs behind fence

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A postal worker for the United States Postal Service has been caught on camera using pepper spray on a family’s three dogs in Dallas. The dogs were behind a reinforced fence and posed no threat  to the carrier.

According to WFAANews, the incident occurred on December 13, as recorded by Giovanni Baena, the owner of the dogs. The letter carrier can be seen delivering mail, but as he walks away, he has a can of mace in his hand and seems to have arbitrarily sprayed the dogs while they were barking behind the fence. The mailman then walks away and continues on his route.

It wasn’t until Giovanni walked outside and saw his dogs acting strangely and appearing disoriented that he watched his security video. No doubt Giovanni agrees his dogs do bark a lot, but certainly he couldn’t understand why that behavior would cause anyone to douse them with pepper spray. After all, the dogs were safely behind a 6-foot-tall reinforced fence and posed no threat to anyone.

Days later, Giovanni made a complaint to an official at his nearby post office. A spokesperson has since apologized and admitted the action towards the dogs was completely unacceptable. It has not been made clear, however if that employee is still on the job.

The Postal Service does not discuss specific employee disciplinary actions, but in all fairness, Giovanni does not want that particular employee delivering his mail any longer.

“They’re just dogs; they’ll bark at anything,” Giovanni stated.

Check out the video:

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  1. The very least that should happen is the postal worker should be transferred to another route. But he should also be fined and disciplined including time off from work without pay. Anything less would be an insult.

  2. He should be fired, though he probably won’t. Since that won’t happen, he should be given a route where he won’t be able to walk, but has to drive. The problem is that the POS could still deliberately mow down any pet who came into his path, and he probably would.

    The best solution is to turn him from a carrier into a sorter, and nothing else, that is, after subjecting him to a long, intensive session with some postal inspectors and a personal demonstration of pepper spray for good measure.

  3. This Ethnic POS is actively assaulting the animals that another Ethnic Individual has gone to extreme lengths to keep SAFE and SECURE and THIS is was done on the Private Property of SAID HOMEOWNER! Now because of evidence of ABUSE the Homeowner has to Worry 24 X 7 that this Cruel A—HOLE will come back and place poison substances in the yard or hire one of HIS HOME BOY”S to Shoot them in a drive By!!! AHH!!! For LIBERITY and JUSTICE FOR ALL is BECOMING A PROBLEM for the INDIVIDUAL Who is Trying to live a Life of What We Promise in our US CONSTITUTION… The freedom of FEAR.. for our Safety and that of our Loved One’s …Then the homeowner has to worry of this Bastard coming on to his property and that Criminal’s Privacy is Being Protected !!!! WOW!!!WOW !!! WOW!!! this Bull Crap is a triple WOW!!!

  4. I have dealt with the Post Office before concerning the conduct of our mail carrier and trust me they will do NOTHING. Our mail carrier from Hell decided she didn’t like our dogs (even though they were in the back of the house nowhere near the mail box) so if she didn’t feel like stopping to deliver something she used them as an excuse. She drove right by our house and left a message to pick up a package at the post office because the dogs were in the yard and at the time the dogs and I were watching her drive by from the house. She told all the substitute deliverers that we had vicious dogs and not to stop. One day she left a package in the middle of the driveway in the rain because she couldn’t walk up on the covered porch because of the dogs (must have been the cement statue on the porch) the dogs were actually in the house because I was at work. She got away with it for 15 years, we finally got rid of her when we moved. There was no excuse for this moron spraying mace at those poor dogs, I do hope this woman is able to get another carrier, but then, the one that did this will just go to another route and spray someone else’s dogs!

  5. Although I agree with these comments, please refrain from making this about race or ethnicity.animal cruelty crosses race, ethnicity, and gender lines.


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