Postal worker accused of pepper spraying dog charged with cruelty

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A postal worker for the United States Postal Service  caught on camera using pepper spray on a family’s dog in Baytown has been charged with animal cruelty. The dog was behind a fence and posed no threat  to the carrier.

According to the Chron , Razaq Ali-Balogun had been delivering mail in May 2018 when a dog barked at him from inside a fenced yard. The postman is then spotted on video surveillance pepper spraying the dog as reported by the Harris County Constable Precinct 5. The dog did not suffer any prolonged damage, however his eyes were swollen shut for 30 minutes. When it happened, the dog cowered and shook violently rubbing its head on the grass.

A postal worker is permitted to use pepper spray if a dog attacks. The dog repellent generally wears off within 15 minutes.

It is unclear if Balogun has been arrested.

Read another disturbing case of a postal worker spraying three family dogs with pepper spray here.

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  1. What a horrible POS to harm this precious treasure……. I just don’t understand WHY……

    All he had to do was drop off the mail and then walk on……

    Our previous mail carrier knew all our furbabies and often had treats for them……

    Clearly this POS hates animals. Perhaps he should work in a different job……. one where he is isolated from animals……

    Glad that the furbaby is OK…… but still, a horrible experience…….

  2. STRANGE BOTH OF these USPS workers were Men of Color!!! That’s batting 100% 2 out of 2 ! They have the Michael Vick Syndrome apparently of control and abuse of harmless ( in these 2 cases) all the dogs were inside of fences that were absolutely BUILT to KEEP both the dogs and the people on the outside from making contact…. The USPS HAD Better do some serious Training BEFORE SOMETHING HAPPENS overusing JPEPPER SPRAY like the Dog Kenneled at a Dog Shelter in Cheyenne Wyoming where the Director repeatedly used Pepper Spray Killing the dog in a horrific fashion….. which caused an uproar of protests in this Animal Friendly State and City… What is happening at USPS is not ACCEPTABLE

  3. Well if I said what I was really thinking I’d probably be censored because it would be considered racist. However, I’m too old to really give a shit about that. Ever since 9/11 when I lost FIVE loved ones, I’m not afraid to say what I feel. Certain organisms who subscribe to that savage belief system, are disgusting SOS assholes. I don’t think I need to go into more detail. Those maggots and their belief system tenets treat women and animals as lower than they treat their property. Indeed they’re not even considered as worthy as property. So it’s not racist to say a fact – that’s what they believe. And as a proud American Infidel I’ll stand by what I said. What that maggot did is not forgivable in my book. And I don’t like the fact that that maggot is delivering US mail.

  4. “A postal worker is permitted to use pepper spray if a dog attacks” a dog behind a fence is hardly able to “attack” I’m glad the POS has been charged!


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