bear cub had to be euthanized after accidentally being injured by officer

Police forced to put down bear cub after accidentally causing serious injury

Police in Snowmass, Colorado, were forced to euthanize a bear cub after accidentally causing the cub a serious injury with a bean bag gun. The sad incident took place in the Snowmass Village after a family of bears began snacking on some Doritos and chips that were left outside.

As reported by the Aspen Daily News, a police officer first scared away the cub’s mother with the high velocity bean bag, and he then decided to frighten away one of her cubs. But when the bag hit the cub, it tore into his abdomen causing a severe injury. Local animal control officers were called out to put the bleeding bear cub out of its misery.

Police Chief Brian Olson tells the news agency that the officer who shot the cub is devastated, as is his entire department. The bears were known to the local police department and Chief Olson describes them as “good bears” who had never caused any problems.

Area residents have criticized the officer for Friday night’s tragedy, but Chief Olson stands by his officer’s decision, stating:

“He did everything right; it just ended up tragic. This is not a situation where I would take any kind of action. His having to deal with it and finish the situation … is enough of a drag. I can’t imagine there’s anything I can do to make it worse.”

Town officials have implored locals to keep “attractants” way to help prevent any type of human/bear conflict.

(Stock image of bear cub via Pixabay)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Was it really necessary to shoot the cub with the bean bag gun? They couldn’t just scare the little guy away? This is so sad.


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