Pet owner pries alligator’s mouth open to rescue his dog

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Don’t mess around with Florida dog owners – a message to alligators who try to eat pets. In Nokomis, a man didn’t hesitate to jump into a canal late last week to rescue his dog from the jaws of an alligator.

According to MySunCoast, the dog owner had been in his home on Margaret Drive when he saw his black Labrador retriever desperately trying to free himself from an alligator’s mouth. Without even a second thought, the man jumped into the canal, pried open the gator’s mouth and pulled his dog to safety.

A neighbor, Kelly Ann Ayers captured a photo of the gator swimming near the shore looking for food:

“So last Sunday when I came in from boating there was a huge gator just off my dock … this is the time of year the gators end up in the salt water! So I had a fence built on Monday along the shore….I called the gator Hotline…. but before the Trapper could get here… it attacked a dog 4 doors down and the owner Justin jumped in and saved the dog! Remarkably they are both ok! This is the photo I took last Sunday! It was huge!”

Both the man and his dog suffered only minor injuries. The dog has been checked at the local veterinarian and treated for his injuries.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission  (FWC) notified a trapper of the situation. The nine-foot-nine-inch gator was captured.

(Photo of gator swimming in canal via FB Kelly Ann Ayers)

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2 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    So glad this MIRACLE happened, and that a neighbor was ready and willing to help. Also, this is yet another lesson on how pet owners need to be MUCH MORE ALERT in looking out for the safety of their pets.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    WTG!!! I am VERY RELIEVED to learn that both the human and furbaby will be OK!!! Extremely BRAVE action to save a precious treasure furbaby!!!!!!!

    BTW, my cousin, who lives in FL, told me that any nuisance gator more than 4’ long is euthanized…….


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