Perth man stole car and stabbed owner’s 15-year-old dog

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A Perth, Australia man faced five criminal offenses, including animal cruelty charges on Monday morning, after he was alleged to have crashed a stolen car, threatened onlookers with a knife and then stabbed the car owner’s 15-year-old dog leaving him clinging to life at a veterinary hospital.

Glen Gregory Arthur Rodd, 24, crashed into two vehicles in Freemantle on Sunday afternoon and while brandishing a knife at witnesses, stole a van with the dog named Henry. According to Mix102.3, Henry, a terrier and Shih Tzu mix, was found profusely bleeding. His owner said the deaf dog had been stabbed twice in the chest and remained in critical condition.

“Henry was rushed to Murdoch Animal Hospital where he is in a critical condition. Henry has lost a lot of blood and requires transfusions,
consistent pain relief and surgery.”

The family set up a Gofundme page to raise money for Henry’s veterinary treatments. An update on the fundraising page, said while the little terrier’s condition had improved, the cost of his care had risen significantly. So far the page has raised over $10,200 for the pooch.

(Photos of 15-year-old dog stabbed via GoFundMe)

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  1. Wasn’t bad enough to Take the Car!!! So he had to Torture that Tiny Little Dog!!! This Puke Needs to Have a Lethal Asthma Attack and Breath NO MORE AIR!!! End OF An EVIL BEING!!!!

  2. Glen Gregory Arthur Rodd, may you rot in Hell. You are a low down thief and to stab a poor innocent dog while you are stealing someone’s car makes you the lowest of low! Prayers for little Henry, a happy car ride turned into tragedy!


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