Paralyzed puppy, abandoned on Christmas Day, put down

paralyzed puppy abandoned on Christmas Day
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There will be no happily-ever-after for a paralyzed puppy who was abandoned on Christmas Day in Bradford, West Yorkshire. As reported by the Mirror U.K., the five-month-old puppy was found in a cardboard box which was left in an alley.

Who dumped the puppy?

There is speculation that a breeder may be behind the cruel abandonment of the disabled puppy. RSPCA Inspector Dave Holgate stated:

“He was collapsed at the rear and was dragging his back legs. It seems as though his back end was paralysed and he was unable to use his legs. Goodness knows how long the poor pup had been in this state – he may have been born like this or could have deteriorated as he grew. “I suspect he was abandoned by the breeder when they realised he would need expensive veterinary treatment or would fail to sell.”

The decision

Veterinarians who examined the pup determined that he was unlikely to recover so the decision was made to euthanize him. The inspector stated:

“It’s so sad that we weren’t able to save this little puppy but I’m just glad he’s no longer sat inside a cardboard box cold, frightened and in pain. At least he felt love and compassion in his final hours.”

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the nspectorate appeal line at 0300 123 8018.

(Image via RSPCA/Screenshot the Mirror UK)

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  1. It just breaks your heart that some monster from hell would abandoned such a innocent and little puppy on Christmas Day in a box to die probably a painful death.
    If only I could get to this vile and evil monster, it would find out what it is like to die a horrible and painful death. Just die in agony you vile and evil animal torturer and go to hell and suffer for an eternity.
    Rest in peace little fella. You have crossed the beutiful Rainbow Bridge into beautiful Animal Heaven. No more suffering just pure peace. FLY HIGH BEAUTIFUL FELLA.

  2. This is truly heartbreaking. Rest in peace precious one, you were loved and have can run free now at the Rainbow Bridge.

  3. Sadly the needle is cheaper than actual veterinary care……

    Shame this little treasure was not given a chance to heal and be rehomed into a loving furever home where he would have been a beloved and treasured family member…..

    My husband and I specifically adopt “medically fragile” animals and provide whatever they need, including chemotherapeutic treatment, physical rehabilitation……
We have had several animals with heart conditions, blind, quadriplegic, cancer, epilepsy….. we are NOT afraid of dealing with health care…….

    Rescued is my fave breed and they are all special treasures who want to love and be loved……

    OMG, how that precious soul must have suffered…….. This is beyond awful. That poor furbaby….. I will have nightmares thinking about how he suffered……

    RIP precious furbaby and please look for MacKitty in Heaven and join him and his snuggle buddies. You deserved to be a beloved family member…… so sorry you were failed by humans…..

  4. What an adorable pup and should have been given a chance at life. Dogs function with paralysis and have chairs to get them around. If there were no illnesses involved, this pup should have been given an opportunity to live.

    • That didn’t make sense to me either. In my opinion, the shelter is just as cruel as the person who abandoned the poor innocent puppy. There are tons of rescues in the UK that would’ve taken him and found him a loving home. There are tons in the US as well. There was absolutely no need to put him down! Disgusting

    • I was thinking the same thing Janette
      They take about the owner leaving the pup in a box
      I would of shot the bastard
      But You RSPCA Could of put out a pledge on your facebook page
      People would of help and think the poor little one to get wheels and could have found a home too hell with your VET too


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