Owner sentenced to prison for starving three dogs – two died

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In Sandusky, Ohio, the owner of three dogs was sentenced to prison for nine months in Erie County on Monday. James Wright, 39, was convicted of felony animal cruelty, a fifth-degree felony.

According to Fox News, Wright abandoned his three dogs two years ago after leaving his home. Authorities discovered the dead, decaying remains of a pit bull locked in a kennel cage outside. A dead puppy was found inside, and an emaciated puppy was also discovered. That dog survived.

Wright was originally indicted on three counts, but through a plea deal with prosecutors, pleaded guilty to one count in exchange for the dismissal of the other charges and for the prosecution not to recommend to the judge a prison sentence. Wright also agreed not to own any dogs during probation.

Wright is the first person to be convicted of felony animal abuse in Erie County under Goddard’s Law. Wright told Judge Rober Binette he accepted full responsibility for what happened, but stated at the time he had moved to Michigan and entrusted the care of the three dogs to someone else.

It is hoped the prison sentence will deter others from animal abuse, cruelty and neglect. Wright has also been fined $300 in restitution to pay for the puppy’s veterinarian care.

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  1. RD Rowell says:

    Makes my blood boil! WHAT the HELL is WRONG with you FREAKS in OHIO! EVERY other DAY a TORTURED, BEATEN, BAITED, EGREGIOUSLY STARVED, or RAPED dog shows up. EVERY other DAY! I pray God finds YOU with SEVERAL SEVERE storms that serve to FREEZE YOUR WORTHLESS butts to DEATH! Ohio IS FULL of DEMONS and am FURIOUS with the DAILY ABUSES coming from YOU ALL! God SEES ALL and forgets NOTHING…..PERIOD!


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