Owner named his pet ‘Stupid’ prior to being evicted and dog seized

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As a passerby walked past the shelter cage of a brown and white pit bull terrier at the Riverside Animal Shelter in California, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the name on a kennel card stating the dog’s name was Stupid.

“We couldn’t believe it until we actually saw it,” one shelter volunteer wrote on Facebook. What kind of owner names their dog something like that?

An owner who clearly doesn’t give a crap about their dog! “

The dog had been confiscated after the dog’s owner was evicted from his home. After the confiscation hold was up, the owner surrendered the dog to the shelter on August 1. Five days later, the dog was adopted, however that dream of “living happily ever after” came to an abrupt end when the dog was returned one day later because he didn’t get along with the other dogs in the household.

“We’ve dubbed him with the name Chance,” volunteers reported over the weekend. He is very friendly when you approach his kennel but is starting to become kennel stressed.”

PLEASE NOTE! THE SHELTER DID NOT NAME THIS BOY. They also DID NOT display the kennel card stating dog’s original name on his kennel! Do not bash the shelter! They didn’t agree with the name “Stupid” either!


CHANCE #A1360483 (REDUMPED 8/7)

I am a neutered male, brown and white Pit Bull Terrier.
The shelter staff think I am about 6 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Aug 01, 2019.
My stray holding period ended on 08/01/2019 and I am now available for adoption.


Shelter address:
6851 Van Buren Boulevard
Riverside, California 92509
Phone: 951-358-7387
M-F 11am-6pm
Saturday 11am-5pm

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    We already know this poor darling WAS ALREADY ENDURING ABUSE!

    PLEASE–this sweetheart deserves so much love and care!

  2. Praying this poor baby finds a loving home. It would seem he has had enough turmoil in his life. To the boob that named him “Stupid”. You are the “stupid” one!


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