Owner cried as he surrendered 160-pound dog because he was too big

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Meet Grizzly; the one-year-old 160-pound teddy bear pup who was surrendered by his owner to the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter over the weekend. According to volunteers, the owner cried as he turned Grizzly in, telling the staff his homeowners’ association had passed around a petition and voted Grizzly out of the community because  he was too big, and they were not comfortable with him around.

Grizzly has been identified as a Caucasian Ovcharka, and according to Wikipedia  the breed is “strongly boned, muscular, but harmonious built and even-tempered molossers. Plain dogs have a shorter coat and appear taller as they are more lightly built. Mountain dog types have a heavier coat and are more muscularly built.” These dogs are best known as livestock guardian dogs.

Follow this dog’s plight on Facebook. According to volunteers who have interacted with Grizzly, he has done well in the dog playgroups.

For information about this dog, call 626.962.3577. Push 5,2,2, and reference A5247871. Baldwin Park Animal Care Center is located at 4275 N. Elton Street in Baldwin Park, California. Share Grizzly’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

(Photos and video of dog surrendered because he was too big courtesy of volunteers at Saving Baldwin Park Shelter Dogs)

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

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12 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I assume the owner of this dog is a member of the homeowner’s association too. If the dog has caused no problems or destruction then I would have put up a fight and hired a lawyer. If I could not prevail then I would sell my house in this worthless community and move elsewhere! This is just so wrong!

    • Bunny Peters says:

      You said what I was thinking!!!

      I would move before giving up my furbaby……

      I would have boarded my furbaby until I could find a better home for all of us!!!

      Some of my neighbors were trying to form a HOA and we refused to join (why let some group of busybodies tell you how to landscape, “acceptable” paint colors, fence styles…..)

      No way will I ever live in a neighborhood with a HOA……
      I pay my mortgage, property taxes, insurance, maintenance and NO ONE (other than the city) can order me around……

      • Linda says:

        When we had our house built and was in it for only two years, when someone got the brain dead idea to have a HOA and i can’t believe most of the idiots voted for it. They they had the nerve to say they didn’t receive our payment and was going to put a lean on our house for $57.00, well we went to the president of it and showed him they cashed the check and we were going to sue them, all of a sudden the found the payment. I can’t wait until it folds or we move. I can’t wait until our nest meeting.

    • pat says:

      I agree 100%. There is no way I am giving up my baby for a freaking house. That is the exact reason I would NEVER live in an HOA property. It’s like living in Nazi Germany.

  2. Betty says:

    Will I hope they are happy to break up this family
    You people have nothing better to do and walk around homeowners’ association and decide what dogs you don’t like
    I would of told you to go to hell
    I would no way give my pet up to a kill shelter because of some ASSHOLES that act they own the place

  3. Pamela D says:

    Why did the owner cry???? If the dog was so damn important I would have hired a lawyer or moved before I gave up my animal. Owner is an idiot and now the dog is homeless. I hate owner surrender because other options can be made. Makes me sick.

  4. Linda says:

    This is they very reason all HOA’s should be banned, they dictate what people can or can’t have. Just because one person doesn’t like something they make it hell for others. There is no reason to have them, you have state and county laws to help with things. I hope those losers are happy. I would sell my house before i would dump my dog. I would get a lowlife to buy my home. there is something else to this story i don’t get, why are they uncomfortable with the dog it doesn’t say if the dog is aggressive or not unless i missed it.

  5. Jan Barnes says:

    Many HOS’s are just plain INSANE! The only hope is registering pets as “comfort animals”!

    In ANY case, I would MOVE or SELL before ever giving up my dog–it would be like giving up one of my children.

    Watch and see–this is just the beginning of the HOA’s power trips and games!

  6. Me' says:

    Sctew that HOA. They and the community would be buying my house from me and paying me for emotional pain they caused. I would never abide by an HOA

  7. Minnies dad says:

    The HOA is likely violating their own rules. Hoa members thinking the dog is too big based on a vote (which is questionable as well). Fact is if the dog was not allowed due to size they would not have taken a vote. They would have fined and pushed for eviction. They know they are full of crap and are trying to say they are scared to justify their actions. What if enough hoa members vote that they dont like SUVs? Do people have to give them up if too many snowflakes thing SUVs are scary because they are big?

    I suspect that deciding something should be banned or disallowed after the fact if enough people are against it is a good way to harrass and intimidate someone.

    The HOA is saying that if enough people petition for or against something they can ban/allow it after the fact? Unless it specifically prohibits animals of a certain size in the rules when the home was purchased, this is just petty harassment.

    Simple solution, go see psychiatrist, get a diagnosis of depression and psychologist recommendation for a companion animal.

    That way they CANT make the person give up the dog no mattet what size it is. Id like to see the HOA try to fine or take someone to court based on their bigotry against a handicapped/disabled person and their companion animal.

    Also which HOA is this. The public has a right to know since many people will not want to move into a place with a HOA that thinks it can do what it wants after the fact if enough people agree to it in a vote.


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