Owner charged with abandoning 2 emaciated dogs in parking lot

In Delavan, Wisconsin, the owner of two emaciated dogs abandoned in a Delavan Walmart parking lot on Thanksgiving has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of mistreating and abandoning animals.

Jeffrey Freund was arrested on December 4 and admitted to leaving his two dogs, Dexter and Blackberry, in the parking lot. The Walworth County District Attorney charged Freund with mistreatment of animals, failing to provide sufficient food and intentionally abandoning animals.

According to the Delavan Police Department, a call came into the station regarding the two extremely emaciated dogs on the loose shivering in the cold in the store’s parking lot. Police transported the dogs to the Lakeland Animal Shelter where they have been receiving needed care.

“Once the Lakeland Animal Shelter took these two dogs in we went about the business of stabilizing them and providing the best care possible in order to save them from the state of severe starvation that they arrived to us in.  With help from partner veterinarian clinic Lake Geneva Animal Hospital we did blood work and assessed their vital states in order to determine how much damage had been done to their vital organs. Being in this state of extreme starvation potentially does permanent and extreme damage to vital organs. Once we establish this information we will use it as we begin the process of re-feeding this sweet little pair and getting them to a preferred physical condition. This will be done over a period of months and will be a long and deliberate process with repeated re-checks of vital statistics and overall organ heath. “

A GoFundMe link to help Dexter and Blackberry can be found here.

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  1. Diana says:

    I will ALWAYS be angered by anyone starving ANY animal, BUT when the human scum who starves an INNOCENT, helpless animal is FAT, it infuriates me. This ARROGANT FAT man had MORE than enough food for his fat butt, but can’t scrounge up a few bucks for dog food. DONE ON PURPOSE WITH NO REMORSE! Fry his fat butt and serve to starving dogs.


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