Owner brought dog to be euthanized – vet said no, now he needs a home

Owner brought dog to be euthanized
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Not long ago, senior dog, nine years of age, was brought to his veterinarian to be put down. The dog, named Ozzie, is blind, has diabetes, and his owner no longer wanted to provide him with care. According to the Desperate Dogs of Long Island, Ozzie’s veterinarian refused the owner’s euthanasia request.

The following information has been provided about the situation:

His owner was tired of taking care of him and his medical issues, and she no longer wanted to be bothered. The vet knew Ozzie from previous visits and knew he was a wonderful dog and couldn’t do it- because he felt Ozzie…deserved to live.

Ozzie can still see shadows and he requires two insulin shots each day – aside from his medical issues, he is described as a sweet, friendly dog. Desperate Dogs of Long Island writes:

He’s excellent with dogs, cats and children, and has plenty of life in him and so much love to give. Friendly to all he meets, he enjoys laying in your lap and giving kisses- and he would love a family of his very own.

You can help Ozzie find a new owner by sharing this article, with his adoption information.


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  1. WTG!!! Delighted this vet was NOT “needle-happy” & saved this precious little treasure!!!
    Hope he finds a new furever home where he will be a beloved family member ASAP!!!


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