Neglected dogs brought to shelter to be euthanized

Owner brought 3 old, neglected dogs to shelter to be euthanized, but they were saved instead

Days ago, the owner of three badly neglected senior dogs walked into a Spokane, Washington, animal shelter and requested that the dogs be euthanized. Fortunately, the staff chose to save the dogs instead.

The request

According to the former owner, the dogs “would bite.” Despite the dog owner’s warning, the staff at the Spokane Humane Society decided to give them a chance. The animal shelter wrote:

Staff assessed the dogs and found three 11-year-old, surprisingly active Shih Tzus trapped under thick mats of tangled and decomposing fur. After a brief consultation the owner decided to surrender the dogs to us, and we went to work.

Describing the pitiful condition that dogs were in:

The mats covered the dogs from wet licorice nose to wagging tail tip tearing at their skin every time they moved. Their nails were so long they curled like buck horns. All three had bad teeth – they were a smelly, miserable trio and quite possibly also in a lot of pain. The only way to deal with the hot, dirty, tangled threesome was a complete shave. Over several hours, staff and volunteers carefully removed more than 13 lbs (!!!) of fur. Then the dogs got a bath and obvious sores, cuts and smaller infections were treated.

Bite risk?

Though strangers were working on the dogs – no one was bit. The shelter wrote:

But what we also found were three handsome – though slightly chubby – little dogs with big brown eyes and surprisingly easygoing personalities.  No one bit anyone.


The shelter is hoping that donations will be submitted to help cover the grooming and expected veterinary care for the three senior dogs who were surrendered. Anyone interested can visit the animal shelter’s Facebook page here to make a contribution.

Video showing before and after

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7 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    In some so-called shelters, the staff is “needle happy”…….Thank goodness the shelter staff checked these precious little treasures BEFORE buying the POS owner’s story……. (only good thing he did was surrender these precious little treasures vs. dumping them in the woods or by a busy highway)……
    I am VERY glad that these precious little treasures were saved. Hope they can all be rehomed into wonderful furever homes where they will be treated as beloved family members.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I can understand the cost of grooming for 3 dogs can be expensive when all done at the same time or even staggered appointments to spread the cost out over time, but cost of care from grooming to dental can be expensive, but at least the vet and staff saw hope in these guys and should all find loving, caring homes.

  3. Pamela D says:

    What a shit life these dogs had at least he fed them. Useless POS owner leaving these dogs with matted hair. His mother should have drenched him with gasoline and set him on fire when he was born.

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    I COMMEND the Shelter Staff::: for GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND TO SAVE THESE LITTLE GUYS!!! The owner NEEDS to be Tarred and Feathered to let him FEEL LIKE THESE HELPLESS LITTLE LOVE BUGS>>>

  5. maxiemom says:

    The owner of these dogs should have been turned into the cops for animal cruelty at the very least. What he or she deserves is to be hanged from the nearest tree! Those poor dogs had to have lived in utter misery, and it’s inexcusable that anyone allowed them to get into such a condition. If you don’t want to take the dogs to have their hair cut often, you MUST brush them often. If you don’t, you’d better darn well learn how to groom them yourself, although I couldn’t. Why do people bring home dogs that require grooming and other work on their coats if they aren’t willing to do it?


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