Over-bred dog passed by time and again but she still wags her tail hopefully for visitors

Overbred and overlooked dog wags her tail for attention
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Update: Zelda is safely out of the shelter!

A homeless dog, held at a Florida animal shelter, has been over-bred and now she is being overlooked by people who come to the facility to find a new friend. The young dog, Zelda, is at the Wakulla Animal Services facility, and though nobody is seeking her out, she still wags her tail hopefully every time someone approaches her kennel run.

An advocate writes:

Everyone that walks past her kennel will not even turn around and give her a second look… her body is not beautiful it’s full of scars where she was injured at one time, she has saggy TaTas from being a mom one to many times..but she has a heart of gold.

Zelda can’t help having sagging skin or scars…she can’t help being a pit bull, one of the most discarded and abused type of dogs found in shelters across the nation. All Zelda can do is wag her little tail and hope that someone will take notice of her.


Will you please help Zelda find that one person who will give her a chance? The more she is networked, the better her odds are of being rescued or adopted.

Wakulla Animal Services, located at 1 Oak Street Crawfordville, Fl

Phone: 850-926-0902

Note: Please contact the animal shelter directly to learn more about Zelda. The Pet Rescue Report is not the point of contact.

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