Over 700 dogs on property

Over 700 dogs, some living in crates their entire lives, found in Georgia

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A massive dog rescue has taken place in south Georgia following the discovery of over 700 dogs on one property. According to multiple agencies, some of the dogs rescued from the property had spent their entire life inside of a cage.

On Sunday, the Atlanta Humane Society created a Facebook post about the situation:

This morning, our team is bringing some of the 700 dogs found living on a property in South Georgia into our care.

These dogs have been living in crates their whole lives- one tiny crate stacked on top of another. They’re matted, covered in feces and have never been held or walked.

And Releash Atlanta wrote:

We were notified of an extreme hoarding puppy mill case and even though we are SLAMMED full, we couldn’t NOT help! These dogs were living in filthy conditions and have had zero vetting. Many have medical issues and injuries. There were 600+ dogs on this property and we did our part by taking six of them. We actually took the last ones that were in need after many other rescues came together to help.

As reported by WCVB News, the owner of the dogs “loved” them, but became overwhelmed with the situation. It has been reported that it was the owner who reached out to the Department of Agriculture for help.

Donations to the Atlanta Humane Society can be made here.

Donations to Releash Atlanta can be made here.

Mail a check to Releash Atlanta at:
PO Box 731
Flowery Branch, Ga 30542

(Image of dogs via Releash Atlanta Facebook page)

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4 replies
  1. Addie says:

    Unfortunate that the owners didn’t notice the condition “their” animals were in until it became this. It is wonderful that these poor animals are getting the care they truly need. Thanks to Atlanta Humane Society -700 dogs. Wow.

  2. Susan says:

    Every cent of these dogs’ expenses should come from that greedy POS who bred them. Who IS this person and WHY is she being protected?

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Over 700 dogs? How does one get to that point without having someone notice they are over their heads? Prayers for all concerned.


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