Bear tracked down and killed

Outrage after popular senior bear tracked down and killed

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A beloved senior bear, 19 years of age, was recently tracked down and killed. The elder bear, known as Brutus, was legally “harvested” by professional guides who were hunting with hound dogs.

Brutus’ killing has sparked outrage among many animal lovers. On the Facebook page, the manner in which the bear was hunted is recounted, and a request for help has been made:

He was hunted using professional guides with packs of hounds, a practice that is outlawed in CA and many other states for being unnecessarily cruel, but still allowed in NV.

Please speak up for Brutus by calling NV Governor Sisolak at (775) 684-5670 asking him to end the hunt. Governor Sisolak appoints those who are responsible for approving the hunting of bears for sport.

After the announcement of Brutus’ death, many people expressed outrage for the manner in which he was killed. One person wrote:

That’s just uncalled for. I’m sure Brutus wasn’t even hard to catch being so old. I’m not against hunting at all. But really your going to tell me that they are going to eat his old meat! Then they needed dogs to track him, because apparently they couldn’t find I’m on their own. Just shameful!

Another wrote:

Everyone loved Brutus. What a Shame that Trophy Hunters have to kill these Beautiful Animals. Shame on these wicked people.


What sport hunts down an old, lame bear? Hope they are ashamed of themselves.

Brutus was a popular bear who knew, “all the good bakeries and restaurants.” Many individuals worried for his safety knowing that bears in Nevada often do not survive.

Ann Bryant, co-chairwoman of, tells KOLO TV:

At the very least take the hounding off the table. That makes it very unfair to the bear and bringing in guides from other states to chase them down with hounds. Everything they do is very high tech and that’s not in most hunters mind and certainly in ours is not a fair hunt.”

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