Orphaned fawn euthanized after licensed sanctuary unable to be found

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An orphaned fawn was euthanized in Okanagan, British Columbia on Friday after the veterinarian treating him was not able to find a licensed animal sanctuary. The baby deer, affectionately named Gilbert was brought to the Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital with a broken leg.

According to Global News, Dr. Moshe Oz diagnosed the fawn with an open fracture that would not heal; either he needed to have his leg amputated or be humanely euthanized. Dr. Oz volunteered to operate on the baby and build a prosthetic for it, but only if a licensed sanctuary could be found to care for it for the rest of its life.

Because of the B.C. government’s provincial rules regarding wild animals, Gilbert could only spend an allotted amount of time in human care or be ordered euthanized. Dr. Oz continued his search for days trying with others to find a suitable home, however no licensed facility could be found on time.

“We are saddened to announce that at 5pm today we were required by law to euthanize Gilbert.

When the wounded deer was brought to Rose Valley Vet this week Dr. Oz knew he would be faced with an uphill battle with layers of red tape. Despite all this, Dr. Oz chose to risk his license to fight for the chance to save Gilberts life.

The past week has been a roller coaster, doing all we can to stabilize the young deer and provide him with the best care possible while trying to find him a suitable home. Unfortunately, we have exhausted all possible avenues. Our hands were tied and Gilbert has crossed the rainbow bridge.

We have a many thanks to give.

Firstly, Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary for volunteering their time…”

The heartbroken vet hopes Gilbert’s tragic plight resonates throughout the community about the need for licensed facilities able to care for wildlife and give them long term care.

Gilbert was euthanized on Friday night. Rest in peace little one. Many thanks to Dr. Moshe Oz; you are a hero.

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