Oregon woman works to feed homeless animals

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An Oregon woman is making it her personal mission to provide food and supplies for homeless people and their pets.

In our modern era of homelessness, unemployment and single parents raising children on one salary, there are thankfully many programs to help ease their burdens by aiding with bill paying, food and meals to these struggling families. However, there aren’t many programs to provide food and supplies for homeless people and homeless animals.

Samantha Milton, a resident of Coos Bay, Oregon, has decided to change that through her group Gizmo’s Angels which was founded in May 2019 and includes volunteers Katie Northup and Lestaria Netherton. Their main mission is helping homeless animals have food and stay warm. Because of overcrowded shelters, there is a high population of homeless animals in Coos County, Oregon,

Beside spreading the word and raising awareness for the plight of the homeless and their pets, Samantha and her volunteers search out homeless camps and bring the residents blankets and food; both for them and their pets. According to Samantha, 90% of the homeless ask about blankets, especially with the cold winter season approaching.

The organization is currently holding a blanket donation drive at various drop off points around the Coos Bay area. They would like to start passing the blankets out in the next few weeks while they go about on their weekly food runs. See the blanket drop off locations on their Facebook page

According to Samantha’s observations, there are a lot of homeless animals living outside; some with homeless people, some not. She describes these animals as loving and in good shape. None of them appear abused. If she were to come across a dog that was in an abusive situation, she would report it.

Samantha and one of her helpers Katie Northup carry care bags in their vehicles to distribute to needy homeless pets that they may come across. The bags include food, water bottle, treat, dish, and potty bags. They also have collars, leashes, blankets and toys to give out. This past week they fed 25 homeless animals in three different homeless camps.

Because there aren’t many support groups for homeless animals in Coos County, Oregon, Samantha and her team are taking the first step to stop animal hunger. They are hoping other communities will follow suit and start raising funds and collecting supplies for homeless and hungry animals. Since starting their crusade in May 2019, Gizmo’s Angels has  given out 200 pounds of dog food and approximately 500 pounds of cat food.

Their donations do not stop with homeless animals, but also extends to military veterans needing help with their pets and any person who just needs a little help.  They never judge and never want anyone to be afraid to ask for help. They want to make sure no pet goes hungry.

Samantha also volunteers at a local animal rescue and they in turn donate food to Gizmo’s Angels. But the need for food and supplies is growing every day.  Like all charitable groups they do not receive any government funding or grant money; they survive strictly on donations.

Besides the blanket drive, they are also raising funds for food, treats, collars, leashes & all the other daily items animals may need through a GoFundMe:

Gizmo’s Angels donation drive and fundraiser


Please help these modern-day earth angels in their quest for no animal to go hungry.

To learn more about Gizmos Angels or to donate and help, contact Samantha Milton via the Gizmos’ Angels Facebook page

Email [email protected]

Call them at (541) 435-5023.

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

-Mother Teresa

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  1. I am very happy to learn about your organization. I met a very nice gentleman this morning on a walk with my dog Eddie the PB at Bullards Beach, he told me about you. Bless you and your organization for what you do. I too volunteer at my local shelter and see the cruelty that humans inflict upon animals. The pure joy animals bring should be appreciated more. Thank you


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