Drunk man passed out with big dog

Oops! Drunk man enters the wrong house and curls up to sleep with big dog

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Oops! A drunken New Years partier imbibed so much that he wound up inside of the wrong house, curled up with a really big dog. According to multiple sources, Lynn Sarver woke up early Tuesday morning and found a stranger curled up with her 130-lb Mastiff, Benton.

When Sarver determined that the unconscious man was nobody that she knew, she grabbed a knife and called 911. Responding Waukesha police officers roused the man from his drunken slumber to see if he knew where he was…the man asked for his glasses and after looking around, realized that he was not where he was supposed to be.

As reported by the Journal Sentinel, the 21-year-old, who lives with his mom just a few doors down, was “very embarrassed and extremely apologetic.”

Sarver opted to not press charges against the young man – as for Benton, who is supposedly a “guard dog,” he seemed to know that the drunken young man wasn’t going to hurt the family. Sarver told the news agency, “My dog is pretty smart. He could probably tell this kid wasn’t a threat.”

(screenshot of family dog)

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The miracle I pray for…

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  1. Dalma Bugg says:

    What a waste of everybody’s time. This stupid drunken oaf is lucky the dog was so smart, and also that the resident didn’t attack first and ask questions later.


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