One puppy with no front legs and another with no foot left on side of road

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In a rural section of Texas, one puppy with no front legs and another puppy with no foot had been left on the side of the road with two other puppies and their nursing mother. The family had been abandoned in the middle of the night on Saturday when a police officer picked them up and brought them to the nearest shelter.

The shelter was closed for the night, and so the officer left the four-day-old puppies and their mother in a drop box near the shelter door.

“They stayed in the drop box, freezing to near death until the next morning when the shelter opened,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC explained on the organization’s Facebook page.

And when Stacey asked how a police officer could just leave the dogs in a cold box overnight, she was told that it was the protocol.

“That statement alone shows you how skewed out laws are with regard to the protection of our companion animals in this country and the mindset of many when it comes to their welfare,” Stacey added.

Check out the video. She is 5 days old and has been named Prudence. She is currently with an experienced bottle feeder – giving this little one the best chance for survival. Every two hours she is propped up and needs to be manually moved since she is unable to move on her own.

Prayers for This Angel who is missing her 2 front legs She is 5 days old We have named her Prudence We rescued her over the weekend with her Momma and 3 siblings who were all left in a drop box at a rural shelter over the weekend Click here to read her story : is with an amazing bottle feeder who is doing everything possible to keep her alive Prayers and Donations Needed Https://

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Monday, March 25, 2019

The mother dog has been named Haley. Two of the puppies are doing fine. The other puppy with the missing foot remains with her mother, but is being watched carefully.

Updates to follow. This will be a complicated case which will require a great deal of long term care. Prayers and donations needed:

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4 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    The cop who stated it was protocol to do that should not be a cop! S/he chose to do that. That cop has no compassion for living creatures. I have to wonder how that cop would react to a human being who was the victim of a crime??? What’s the matter was the cop just used to dealing with criminals??? Fire that fuckin cop because that cop is bad news.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    Absolutely disgusting to just leave helpless animals in a drop box.

    Not as bad as leaving them by the side of the road……

    BUT I think taking them to an emergency veterinary hospital would have been a better idea…….

    I hope Mom and babies all thrive and find loving furever homes.


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