Dogs fought deadly snake

One dog dead, another blinded, after fighting off snake to protect baby

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A family in Kidapawan City in the Philippines is full of gratitude after their two dogs successfully fought and killed a deadly snake which was trying to enter their home. As reported by the Sun, the cobra was making a “beeline” to the family’s front door last week – inside of the residence was the family’s baby girl.

dogs fought deadly snake

Before the unthinkable happened, Moxie and Miley intervened – attacking the deadly cobra and preventing it from reaching the area where 12-month-old Skye was sleeping.  Surveillance cameras captured the dachshunds frantically biting at the snake for approximately two minutes – finally the snake is killed and the baby inside is safe from harm. But the fight came at a cost to the protective dogs.

The venomous snake’s bites killed four-year-old Miley, and blinded two-year-old Moxie. The baby’s father stated, “I can’t thank my dogs enough for protecting my baby Skye.”

Watch the video of these heroic dogs at this link to the New York Post.

(Screenshot via The Sun/Viral Press)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    I’m confused! The front door was open with a baby inside?! ARE THEY

    NO SURPRISE about the furry angel heroes–too bad their OWNERS ARE LUNATICS–and both dogs had to PAY THE PRICE! If the owners don’t grow some brains, the baby will be THE NEXT INNOCENT VICTIM!


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