On behalf of ‘Perkins’ send prosecutors a message to punish abusers

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A Dallas dog rescue organization is asking for the public’s help sending prosecutors a message about justice for an abused and neglected dog named Perkins. Everyday the dog’s owners walked by him in their home, yet they didn’t bother to care for him or give him food or water.

Dallas Dog RRR – Rescue, Rehab, Reform  were introduced to Perkins on February 12, 2019 when they received two photos of the dog. He had been returned to the shelter after having been adopted in November as a puppy. The owners brought their dog to the Fort  Worth Animal Shelter in a closed cardboard box with a blanket draped over the top.

“We want to return this dog and get a new dog,” they told shelter staff.

And when the animal control officer opened the box and saw the condition of the pup, he was shocked. The dog was skin over bones and only weighed nine pounds. His eyes oozed a green discharge and were swollen shut from a severe infection. His body was covered with scabs from mange in addition to secondary skin infections.

Even more disturbing, according to the rescue, – the owners weren’t concerned nor upset by their dog’s physical condition; they just wanted a new dog. In fact, this same family had adopted a dog in October and returned him asking for their money to be returned. That’s when they adopted Perkins, and since then, the puppy’s owners never bother to follow up with the dog’s booster vaccinations nor did they ever minimally meet his needs.

“The shelter did not allow them to adopt a new dog, and they immediately assigned an investigator to the case,” the rescue organization posted on their Facebook page. “The police shortly took over the case and began to gather evidence. The Fort Worth Animal Cruelty unit began investigating and I want to complete my statement to include documentation from our vet.”

Tragically Perkins suffers from entropion and has corneal damage leaving permanent scars. In addition, he was diagnosed with hypernatremia – higher than normal concentrations of sodium in blood caused by dehydration.

“The family lived in an apartment and it had rained the whole week prior, so Perkins was NOT left out in t he cold. He was in the family’s home where they walked by him every day in this condition without providing him food or water. How do you do that? How can you look at this sweet boy and treat an animal that way?”

Perkins has improved, has doubled his weight, but only sees shadows. More updates to follow.

Animal abusers need to be punished. Please be sincere and courteous, but contact prosecutors and ask them to send a message this treatment can not be tolerated. Write to:

Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office District Attorney – Sharen Wilson

401 W. Belknap Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76012

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5 replies
  1. Jeanette Fossum says:

    Dear God what is wrong with prosecutors, are they idiots. if these owners do not end up in jail, something is awful wrong in this world,

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    These monsters need to be put on a NO ADOPTION list for all to see. There is no way they should ever be allowed another pet!

  3. Addie says:

    These vile monsters need to have the same thing done to them as well as be on a national registry list of those who must never be allowed to adopt any animals again. They should have been prosecuted for animal abuse.

  4. Laura says:

    Why are these people nameless? I wonder if it’s because they’re non-citizens from south of the border so the media PC police want to protect the reputation of their cherished “undocumented workers with hearts o’ gold” (translation: future democrat voters). They probably don’t know what to do with them if they’re already living here illegally. Don’t want to get in the news for being “racist,” now, do we? Not that we don’t already have more than our share of such moronic monsters of all colors or non-colors among us. What a vile world people have created. Poor little Perkins, just a baby and already experienced hell on Earth. Thank goodness for animal rescuers everywhere!


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