Old dog slithered along a gutter gurgling water until his miracle arrived

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In the rural area of Udaipur, Rajasthan India, a compassionate villager reported a barely alive, old dog who had slithered along a gutter – air bubbles gurgling in the water whenever his nose sank into the water. The dog was dying after having been hit in the head by a car and seriously injured.

Animal Aid Unlimited was called to help, and as the emergency ambulance volunteer arrived, he saw how seriously injured the dog was, as well as being completely disoriented.

“His eye was seriously injured and his brain damaged after being hit in the head, probably by a car, and for several days he couldn’t stand and he wouldn’t eat,” the organization wrote on their social media page.

The dog was carefully lifted, wrapped in a blanket and transported back to the hospital. He was immediately treated for brain trauma, administered fluids to control swelling and was supported with intravenous drips for pain and hydration.

On day 2 at the hospital, the dog, dubbed Twilight, started to eat. Everyone was overjoyed. Although he was extremely wobbly as he tried to stand up, there was always someone there to help, and slowly Twilight began to recover.

Sadly his eye couldn’t be saved, but there’s much to be said and more to smile about as we watch Twilight’s recovery and how he feels today.

Just when you think there is no hope, Twilight’s story renews our faith in miracles and the kindness of humans.

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Dragging himself in gutter, brain injured dog rescued

This old dog so confused and hurt that he was literally slithering along a gutter, air bubbles gurgling up in the water where when his nose bobbed into it. His eye was seriously injured and his brain damaged after being hit in the head, probably by a car, and for several days he couldn't stand and he wouldn't eat. We treated him for head trauma to control swelling and supported him with IV drips and comforting arms, and slowly what we feared he had lost forever started to come back to him. He's wise and wonderful: meet Twilight today. Every dog's twilight years should be beautiful. Please donate: www.animalaidunlimited.org/donate.html

Posted by Animal Aid Unlimited on Sunday, October 20, 2019

To help more animals just like Twilight, donations can be made to www.animalaidunlimited.org/donate.html

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