Oklahoma shelter euthanized Rudolph, but puppy survived

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In Davenport, Iowa, King’s Harvest Pet Rescue posted a story on their social media page about a puppy that had been euthanized but survived. Meet Rudolph, and this little guy certainly has a story to tell.

According to the rescue organization, the eight-month-old puppy arrived at the rescue after an overcrowded shelter attempted to euthanize the pooch, but it didn’t work.

“… God had a different plan because he woke up,” the rescue’s Facebook post stated.”The vet said he wouldn’t do it again,  so we brought him to our shelter in hopes somebody would come adopt him and give him a second chance at life.”

Rudolph had been in an Oklahoma shelter and after having been put to sleep, veterinarians walked in and he was still alive. The Labrador and American pit bull mix is surely a miracle, and when brought to Kings Harvest, the adorable puppy has become quite the superstar.

The puppy is now out on a trial adoption, and we wish him a long, healthy life.

There are many more dogs that are just as worthy of having new homes. Why not check out the rescue’s Facebook page and find your new best friend. Tell everyone Rudolph sent you.

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  1. pennysdachshundst says:

    The United States of America!!! Industrialized Nation, Nation of Compassion, and perseverance!!! What in the HELL has happened to this Country !!! DRUGS!DRUGS! AND MORE DRUGS!!! Not many People are motivated and inspired enough to raise their Children with a sense of values, to have love and compassion and love for another species!!! We as children Cherished our pets above & beyond , Now they are toss aways… Sad to See and acknowledge the fact but it unfortunately is A True FACT…

  2. Betty says:

    8 MONTH OLD Shame on you for even doing that
    God I hate what happen in this country
    Animals are just garage to people
    Will they bleed the same
    They cry when they are in pain


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