Oklahoma man accused of viciously beating a puppy

Man accused of viciously beating a puppy
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An Oklahoma man is accused of viciously beating a nine-week-old puppy…the injuries, allegedly dealt by 21-year-old Tabor Johns, were so severe that the German short pointer puppy had to be euthanized.

As reported by the Stillwater News Press, the puppy was taken to a veterinarian by a roommate of the pup’s owner. The pup was vomiting and convulsing and the roommate indicated that a chewed packet of ant poison was likely to blame. However, the “chewed” packet of ant poison did not appear to have actually been bitten by the pup because there were two equally spaced puncture marks on it that looked more like pokes from a fork.

A veterinarian at the Oklahoma State University veterinary small animal hospital informed a police officer that efforts were made to save the convulsing puppy, but the damage was too severe and humane euthanasia was the only option. The veterinarian then performed a necropsy and discovered that the pup had suffered severe brain bleeding, a broken rib and a lacerated kidney – injuries which were consistent with a “severe” beating.

Johns, who was the only person who had been at home with the pup, was interviewed by an officer – he claimed that the puppy ran into a TV stand and hit its head before collapsing. He then claimed that he found the chewed up ant poison packet and thought that the puppy was suffering from poisoning. He claims to have given the puppy hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting.

The officer advised Johns to be honest about what happened to the puppy, but the man stuck with his story. Because the circumstances and injuries did not match up with Johns’ claims, he was later arrested for felony animal cruelty.

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