Officer won't be charged for running over young deer

Officer who repeatedly ran over young deer won’t face charges

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The Lethbridge, Alberta, Police Officer who repeatedly ran over a young deer with his police cruiser will not face any charges. On January 5, the officer was called out after reports were made about a young deer injured on Scenic Drive North – the officer found a deer who appeared to have lost the use of her rear legs. The officer determined that the deer needed to be put down.

The controversy arose after a witness watched the officer use his patrol car to run the deer over – the fawn did not die immediately. In fact, she screamed in agony for 15 minutes before finally dying. Erica Pritchard watched in horror as the officer repeatedly struck the deer, she said, “It made me feel really sick, actually, where we couldn’t watch anymore. We turned up the music a little bit in the truck so we wouldn’t hear the screaming of the deer.”

An investigation ensued to determine why the officer chose to “dispatch” the fawn with a car, rather than a gun or knife. The officer claimed that he did not want a bullet to ricochet. Alberta Serious Incident Response investigated the situation to see if there was any wrongdoing on the officer’s part.

Susan Hughson, with the agency, stated:

The officer’s decision to prioritize the very real risk of potential injury to a person over the deer will always be the correct one,”

She added:

With the benefit of hindsight, it is obvious that the decision to kill the deer using the police vehicle was problematic. It did not work as the officer had intended. The deer’s ability to move and the inability of the officer to clearly see where the vehicle tires were in relation to the critical organs of the deer frustrated the attempts to cause fatal injury,”

She acknowledged that the fawn’s death was heart wrenching:

“While the events reflected in the video can be clinically recounted, the emotional impact of the video cannot be understated. It was, and remains, profoundly distressing and heartbreaking to watch. It is unforgettable and impossible to unsee,”

Read the full report at this link to CBC News.

Prior article about this incident here.

(Image via Pixabay)

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An emotional pup…



6 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Beyond disgusting and cruel: no one thought to call a veterinarian to humanely euthanize the fawn???

    Glad I don’t live in the area. Waaaaaaay too many stupid people there…….

  2. Arlene Steinberg says:

    This is absolutely unbelievable. This is the level of incompetence that far too many police officers have. This creep should have been FIRED. This is also why people get shot too fast and questions are asked later. And of course, the department just sticks up for their own, especially when an animal is involved. Likewise, there was a case in upstate PA a few years back, of a wild turkey that had been tamed and fed by a family that unfortunately moved and SHOULD have taken the bird to a wildlife rehabber, but they just left it. The bird was friendly and everyone in the town knew the bird and enjoyed it’s presence. So of course, some damn idiot cop decided it was his job to kill the bird and shot it. Repeatedly.
    Any officer who is that much of a heartless, brain-dead jerk with a badge but no common sense or empathy is unfit for that job.

  3. Tracey says:

    Oh wow. Silly me. Here I was thinking it was just sh*tty American cops who could do anything they wanted and never face consequences for it. Looks like these motherf**kers in blue are everywhere.


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