Oden suffered in silence after hit by car multiple times: Now he has been saved

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In the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas, Oden suffered in silence for a long time. He had been struck by vehicles multiple times, dragged himself to the side of the road and survived despite the intense pain. When the local animal control officers found him, Oden was brought to the shelter; his prognosis was poor and with little money to help stray pets much less injured ones, the young Beagle’s future looked grim.

After an outpouring of messages about the dog and photos of his limp right hind leg, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC volunteered to help.

“Oden’s right hind leg was flattened to the point that looks like a dirty rag. We suspect his injuries are not new and he’s been like this for quite some time. This poor baby has been suffering in silence for too long,” the organization’s co-founder Stacey Silverstein posted on their Facebook page.


On Wednesday evening, Oden arrived at the rescue’s San Antonio veterinarian partner where the friendly pup was placed on intravenous pain medication. Veterinarians will be performing tests to determine his chances for survival including if his leg can be spared. It is likely this boy will need multiple surgeries.


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A lovely rescue


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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    TEXAS(S) of course!!!!!Just how many people do You think were Ruthless, Cold Hearted, and Just Plain Evil of Soul, that they either ran over him them self or saw what had happened and just shrugged it off!!! I was in Texas once to San Antanio and thought Golly the River Walk is beautiful and the people are pretty nice!!!! In reality the whole STATE of TEXASS is a Hell Hole… I can not even surmise the Amount of Torture , Abuse, Neglect, and Horrific Needless Deaths, Companion Animal’s Suffer on a daily basis in that State… Trump should give it back to Mexico , and that is where they belong… how very sad that 85% of the population down there had not one ounce of compassion or respect for the life of a four legged friends …

    • me' says:

      Not all the people in Texas are evil and animal haters as you portray. There is a big difference in South Texas (border towns) and North Texas. We up in North Texas take in hundreds of these dogs for local rescues and foster the ones heading out of State. I bet you would waste a vote on Beto O’Rourke, knowing while he was in office he DID NOTHING to help pass laws to protect animals in El Paso but will fight for illegals to have them. I bet where you live we can find many animal abusers, so get off you that wooden high horse you ride on daily.

  2. Luana Duncan says:

    Thank u so much 4 helping Oden!! I hope everything will be ok!! Please keep us posted!! Much thanks to Rescue Dogs Rocks NYC!!l

  3. me' says:

    Oden you are in the best hands being under RDR. Amazing organization that I am pleased for foster for to get animals out of Texas. NOT all people in Texas abuse animals but South Texas is horrible. 2nd largest Kill shelter, PVAC in Edinburg TX. This entitlement mentality, pushed by democrats and rinos, is what is killing the animals. Everyone is not entitled to have a pet contrary to popular belief. I hope I live long enough to see STRICT, ENFORCED LAWS against animal abuse regardless of the magnitude of abuse. I pray you make a full recovery and RDR finds you the best home and family.

  4. Robert Mendenhall says:

    I’ll never tore that part of Texas . Heartless Souls that will end up going to their special place in a hot blistering burn. How do you find out about adopting this baby yes I believe the president of the United States should have something to do with it but like I’ve read his boys go out and do a legal hunting for big game thank you for helping out for these innocent animals though thank you


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