NYC animal shelter leads frightened dog to back room

A viral video taken inside of Manhattan’s New York City Animal Care Center has garnered more than 120,000 views and 4,100 shares. Andrew Weprin, an animal advocate, posted the disturbing video to Facebook where it shows a frightened dog being dragged to his death at the end of the hallway.



“This horrific video… recorded last Thursday, May 9th, at the NYC ACC kill pound in Manhattan. The video shows a “vet tech” attempting to block the view of the brave volunteer who was recording ACC employees as they dragged a terrified dog named MAVERICK – who showed no sign of aggression – to the kill room. The video is being widely shared and has awakened the conscience of people everywhere, but it will just end up as another shocking and tragic video of animal abuse on Facebook and Twitter if we don’t DO SOMETHING about it…”

The heartbreaking video shows the dog, allegedly having been sedated by the staff, and being dragged across the floor before getting up and tripping, as he is led to the euthanasia room. Walking down the hallway, the other dogs in cages bark loudly in the background.

The dog’s name was Maverick. According to the New York Post, the dog had been brought to the shelter on April 25 and had been surrendered by his family for allegedly biting his owner. The shelter said Maverick showed “serious aggression”  and defending their decision stated it was decided to euthanize the dog:

“In the case of Maverick was a serious risk to the public and there would be no way to anticipate the next target of this type of aggression, and no way to reasonably manage it in a home or shelter environment. While his euthanasia remains sad for each of us, we are also tasked with ensuring public safety,” the center said.

Yet a different account of the dog’s behavior was given to an animal advocate by police when they picked Maverick up at his former home.

Officer Teng just told Carol Lynne, moments ago, that he had no trouble with MAVERICK, and seemed surprised and taken aback to hear that he had been killed by NYC ACC. Officer Teng said the son in MAVERICK’s family brought the dog who was wagging his tail out to the police car and MAVERICK hopped right into the back, and rode calmly with Officer Teng without incident to the Precinct, where he remained calm and friendly until ACC later picked-up MAVERICK.
Officer Teng stated that only the father of the family had ever had a problem with MAVERICK, who had bitten the father once before.
Officer Teng clearly described a dog who was not unmanageable or vicious in any way, and was not, and did not need to be restrained at any time the Officer was with what he also described as a friendly and calm dog.”

It had been the father who had been bitten by the dog and called the police to pick Maverick up.

Below is a paraphrased post from Andrew Weprin

There are early signs that the Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA: will pass the New York Assembly, but it will take a fight to get it through the NY Senate, where it must also pass before it goes to the Governor for his signature and then becomes the law…

There is only ONE Senator standing in the way of ending the killing of all healthy and treatable animals in New York State. The lone hold out is Senator Monica Martinez of Long Island, the powerful head of the Domestic Animal Welfare Subcommittee who must personally approve CAPA or it will not pass.

To help:

Please ask Senator Monica Martinez to SPONSOR CAPA!


Albany Office
(518) 455-2950

Long Island District Office
(631) 360-3356

Campaign for New York CAPA / No Kill Now!

Rest in peace Maverick. Yes, a lack of humanity failed you.

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