No happy reunion awaits ailing dog found in rural upstate New York

No happy reunion awaits ailing dog found in NY
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No happy reunion awaits an ailing, senior dog who was recently found in a rural, wooded area of upstate New York. The boxer, dubbed Angel, passed away shortly after being found by good Samaritans who speculate that her owners lost her nearly a year ago while camping in the area.

Angel was taken in by  S.T.A.R. Southern Tier Animal Rescue Inc., and she was receiving round-the-clock supportive care from Haskell Valley Vet Clinic, but her body was too far gone to save. On Thursday night, the rescue group broke the sorrowful news to Facebook followers in a post written from Angel’s perspective:

I come to you tonight not from the vet’s office where I was so sick and in so much pain.

I update you tonight from a beautiful place where I am pain free and at rest.

I could see the hurt, thru the tears, in my foster mom’s eyes when it came to the point she had to make this decision today.

I knew so much love and warmth this past week because I knew how very special I was to my foster family and many others.

It was time and I know she knew I was ready to rest.

I am so very thankful for all the love I received.

I rest my head tonight with a warm heart knowing how many prayers and well wishes were sent my way.

I touched a lot of people and I know I was a very special girl.

When you think of me please do not cry or be sad.

I ask that in my memory everyone please reach out and do something special for another pup out there who needs help.

I love you all. I will rest in peace now. I will wag my tail.

Love Angel ❤️

Rest in peace Angel – we are sorry that you were found too late.

Prior article about Angel here.

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  1. RIP precious treasure Angel. You were loved during your last hours and I am glad you received this comfort instead of dying alone, in pain, afraid and worst of all, unloved….. I am very sorry your original humans failed you and you suffered alone for so long……

    I know you are in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and he will welcome you into his “snuggle buddies club”!!!!!!!!! May you RIP amongst his loving friends…..


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